Celina TX Home Prices & Home Values

Celina TX Home Prices & Home Values have increased dramatically over the last three years due to rapid growth the Celina and Prosper areas are experiencing. At Brownstead Real Estate, LLC, we invite you to request your home’s estimated value and nearby house prices. Knowing current property values is a tool you need to help you manage your largest asset. Are you wondering what custom homes in Prosper are selling for? Click here: Custom Homes for sale in Prosper TX.

Celina TX Growth

In recent years, Celina TX has rapidly transformed from a rural farm town to the fastest fastest-growing town in Texas, yes, Celina is a Town.

Celina TX Home Prices & Home Values
Celina TX

Why Celina?

Businesses and developers are welcomed by the Town of Celina’s city leaders and residents, and backed by constituents that are eager to shop locally and support businesses in the community. Connecting much needed businesses with the Town of Celina is central to Celina’s vision for continued growth.

As retail and commercial businesses are move into Celina, expansion and development are keeping a rapid pace throughout the city. With a population of approximately 37,000 and an ideal location in the coveted Collin County corridor, Celina TX welcomes families and businesses!

Fun things to do in Celina

Living in Celina

How much is your Celina TX home worth?

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