Property Tax Protest for Collin County

Do you dread receiving your annual property tax bill in the mail? If so, you are not alone! The good news is that there is a tax remedy available for property owners who feel that the assessed value of their property has been inflated. Property Tax Protest Information For property owners: A property tax protest is the primary means of protesting property tax increases that may be overly inflated. The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is comprised of an independent group of citizens who are authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the appraisal district.

Collin County Property Tax Protest
Property Tax Protest Information

Reasons for which property owners may protest

  • The value the appraisal district placed on a property is thought to be too high (excessive value).
  • A property is unequally appraised, and this happens when an appraisal district appraises a property at a higher ratio of value than other similar properties in the area.
  • The appraisal district denied a special appraisal, such as an open space land or incorrectly denied an exemption application.
  • The appraisal district failed to provide the property owner with the required notice.

Note: Keep in mind that Assessed Value is property value for tax purposes, and Market value is not used in Texas for property tax purposes; hence, assessed value is NOT market value!

Notice of Protest

Residential property owners who are concerned with the appraised value of their property can file a Notice of Protest with the ARB. Property owners can fill out the paperwork and present the protest themselves. Property owners may also hire a property tax consulting firm that specializes in protesting property taxes.

The appraisal district will mail the protester a copy of the following.

  • ARB procedures, a pamphlet explaining possible tax remedies
  • A notification that the property owner can obtain any of the appraisal district’s documents that are intended for use at your ARB hearing

These items should be sent to the property owner at least 14 days prior to the hearing.

Gather Compelling Evidence for your Property Tax Protest

Protesters should gather compelling evidence for their case. The appraisal district is required to make copies of their documents that the property owner requests, and the appraisal district is allowed to charge for copies of the documents.

You can download the Notice of Protest Form here.

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