Create your beautiful outdoor kitchen space for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

Every year when summer approaches, outdoor kitchens allow you to make the most of beautiful warm nights by spending time with your friends and family.

Whatever your budget allows, creating your own outdoor kitchen and enjoying it with friends and family is very memorable. Create Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen.

Upgrading your grill

You want to pick a grill that is not only appealing to look at, but one that is functional, able to accommodate everything you need to cook, but also one that will last many seasons. Standard gas grills will cost you roughly $250 to $1,000, and top-of-the-line outdoor gas grills may cost up to $4,500.

When selecting a grill, be sure to select a grill that be handle your normal cooking needs. For instance, if you plan on cooking for ten people on a regular basis, then a medium sized grill may do the trick. Be sure to think about other side dishes you may need to cook on the grill and keep warm.

Selecting your seating

When considering deck and patio furniture ideas, allow two feet around seating areas and three feet around dining areas to account for the flow of traffic. You may want to opt for folding or stacking furniture that can be stashed away and takes up minimum square footage.

If you’re looking for more versatile pieces, sleek contemporary options coordinate nicely with most outdoor kitchen setups. Don’t forget, with the proper routine care and maintenance, outdoor furniture can last as long as high-end interior pieces. Ensure that you plan for the off-season, whether that’s moving outdoor furniture to indoor storage or securely covering it to protect it from harsh weather.

And the extras

When adding extras, think of a prep sink, a wine fridge, Ice machine, Built-in smoker lighting, ceiling fans, misters and even attached or portable heaters for crisp evenings. Be sure to thoroughly think about your space and needs when creating a wish list.

Some features require challenging installation or major utility work; these things can cause the price to rise exponentially.

Design with comfort in mind

Consider amenities that will make being outdoors comfortable, such as sunshade and audiovisual equipment.

If you have the space available, the addition of a fireplace will allow for a longer entertaining season. Outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed year around in some parts of the country.

Make it yours and be proud of your design

Your outdoor kitchen and living area should be a comfortable, relaxing space for entertaining friend and family or a place to unwind after a long day. Make your outdoor space an escape that works for you.

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