The other days I was looking through some Google tools to see what search terms are most used when people do a search for real estate agents in McKinney, TX. The top search phrases was Best REALTORS in McKinney TX.

Michael Brownstead Military Veteran Realtor in McKinney TX
Michael Brownstead Military Veteran Realtor in McKinney

Let’s break down the phrase

When people think of Top Realtors in McKinney TX, the phrase may mean different things to most people. Most people may think it’s an agent who sells a lot of houses. Yes, there are agents out there who walk around bragging about themselves saying that they sold 500 homes last year, but did they really sell 500 homes last year? Their claim may be true to an extent, because they may be part of a very large real estate team that is made up of the following people.

Typical Large Real Estate Team

  • Team leader
  • Inside Sales Agent
  • Transaction coordinator
  • Listing Coordinator
  • Several listing agents
  • Several buying agents
  • One or more showing agents
  • Marketing assistant

Team Leader

The Team Leader is obviously the head of the team. Also known as manager, Team Lead, or CEO if they are feeling extra special about themselves. The team Leader may also conduct listing appointments and property showings if they are come off their throne for a bit or if the price point is ideal to them. If not, they may “pass off” the seller or buyer to another team member. They will often refer to themselves as one of the Top REALTORS in McKinney TX.

Inside Sales Agent

The Inside Sales Agent is generally a licensed real estate agent salesperson who assists with lead conversion. The Inside Sales Agent maintain contact with leads until they are ready to act, then they are “passed off” to another team member. There is a possibility that you may never meet the ISA in person.

Transaction Coordinator

The Transaction Coordinator assists a real estate agent by performing the administrative duties required during each stage of a transaction from contract to closing. Duties include: Opening escrow. Coordinating inspections, repair negotiations, and completion of repairs. There is a possibility that you may never meet the Transaction Coordinator in person.

Listing Agent

The Listing Agent is a person who usually intercepts a “HOT” seller lead from the ISA and then conducts a listing appointment with the sellers. Once the listing appointment is concluded, the seller is soon “passed off” to the listing coordinator.

Listing Coordinator

The Listing Coordinator is typically responsible for preparing listing information, procuring signatures for listing agreements, and overseeing listings on MLS and social media. Additionally, they coordinate open houses, showings, and cleanings for properties. You as a seller may deals with a listing coordinator, but there is a possibility that you may never meet them in person.

Buying Agent

The Buying Agent, also known as Buying Agent, as the term hints, typically only works with buyers. The Buyer’s Agent intercepts the “HOT” lead from the ISA and then coordinates a Buyer’s Consultation meeting, followed by property showings, then the offer process. Once they buyer’s go under contract for a property, the buyers are normally “passed off” to the Transaction Coordinator.

Showing Agent

In some cases, teams may have a Showing Agent. As you guessed it, the Showing Agent typically only shows properties and once the buyer decides to make an offer on a property, the buyer may be “passed off” to the Buying Agent. And yes, once the buyer goes under contract, the buyer will then be “passed off”…again… the Transaction Coordinator.

Customer Service or NOT!?

As you can see, the structure may seem very efficient for a large real estate team and it essential if they want to run around saying they sold 500 homes last year. Individually they didn’t sell 500 homes, but they possibly did as a mega team, so don’t be fooled.

Additionally, with the team, structure and volume sold, where do you think you would fit in? Do you think you will be given the red carpet treatment or do you think you may be treated like just another number? How would you feel being passed from agent to agent. Do you think the team as a whole would be available to you seven days a week? Do you think they team cares if they close you or not? Maybe not, because they have to keep moving forward at a fast pace, because they are also competing against other teams in their office for bragging rights.

About Michael L. Brownstead

Brought to you by: Michael L. Brownstead, Broker-Owner, Brownstead Real Estate, LLC., 8700 Stonebrook Pkwy, Box 551, Frisco, TX 75034

Michael Brownstead is a 24-year Army Retired Veteran who has been selling real estate in McKinney, TX and surrounding communities since 2010. One of Michael Brownstead’s many specialties is assisting Veterans with their real estate needs. When looking for Top Realtors in McKinney TX, give Michael Brownstead a call, it will be his pleasure to treat you as a valuable client, provide the very best in service to you and guide you every step of the way. When working with Michael Brownstead, you will be working with a full time, real estate broker who will be there with you every step of the way and not “pass you off” to someone else. Your real estate needs are important to Michael brownstead.

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